Lyrics - Joplins "Entertainer"
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2017-07-10 14:53:17 UTC
I am after the Lyrics from Joplin's the entertainer - anyone help please?
According to Milton Berle, when he performed on the Muppets, these are the Lyrics to the Entertainer. They are beautiful, and have always stuck with me ;
Now the curtain is going up
The entertainer is taking a bow
Does his dance step and sings his song
Even get all the audience to sing along
Yes he knows just what he must do
Knows how to bring down the house when he's through
Snappy patter and jokes
He knows what pleases the folks
The entertainer the star of the show.

It was in Vaudeville
And he was on the bill
With all the singers, dancers, acrobats and clowns
There was a dog act there
Even a dancing bear
And a comedian who never lets you down
But when he came on
To sing his favourite song
He really wowed them in the cities and the towns
They came from near and far
To see the Vaudeville star
The entertainer.

Now the curtain in going down
On the entrtainer, the artist the pro
He was put on this earth
To bring us laughter and mirth
The entertainer the star of the show
2018-06-10 17:42:33 UTC
“Wa Ter Me Lons They’re Cold They’re Sweeet”. Was what was told to me. A street vendor’s cry that Scott Joplin heard that inspired the tune. I wish I could recall the pianist/historian from Michigan that told the story. Small venue performance. He was very good. The Smithsonian then interviewed him because he had such an encyclopedic knowledge.
2020-08-04 15:58:29 UTC
My sister was in the choir when she was in high school and they sang a
different version (probably written for high school choirs). Since she
graduated in 1976, it was most certainly written because of the popularity
of "The Sting". I remember the opening went something like this (you'll
Howdy ladies and gentlemen,
We wish a very nice evening to you.
Now we're here just to entertain,
'Cause we haven't another thing to do
(and so on)
The tune was used in a TV show a few nights ago, and, unbidden, I had, what I think, is the middle of that set of lyrics pop into my head. And, listening to those lyrics in my head, I thought "This had to be something pawned off on unsuspecting high school students, as what I remember is truly simple and saccharine." Scouring the 'net for "high school" "scott joplin" and "lyrics" brought me here, thus, confirming my suspicion. (No other matches so far.)

Much of the tune was split, with the boys singing one line and the girls singing the next... I cannot recall all of it, but the parts that were conjured up:

"First we men, he men, begin,
And then we ladies will warble for you"

"We admit that we like your style,
We do our darnedest to charm and beguile"

"When we all to - gether sing up a hullabaloo"

"Hear that piano play,
Going its own way,
What is there to say?
Nothing but Hooray!"

And so on, and so on.