John Arpin
(too old to reply)
2007-11-08 03:31:05 UTC
For those who are not already aware of the dreadful news, John Arpin
terminally ill. His wife Mary Jane is maintaining a blog about him at

Those who have heard him perform know of his extraordinary talent. So
many times I have witnessed musicians gasping in disbelief while
listening to John's seemingly impossible performances. His
and fresh harmonic changes and his melodic variations impresses and
delights us as much
as his sterling technique.

Having known John for more than 20 years, I have also witnessed his
modesty, his appreciation for the talents of other musicians, his
great sense of humor, his broad interests, and his general humanity.

Those who know John, or who have been in his audience, or who have
collected his recordings, might wish to leave a note on his blog.

Bill Edwards
2007-11-09 17:22:31 UTC
John is gone. Canada will mourn. We all will mourn. God let us borrow
him for a while, but he's gone home. His example will live on, as will
his many wonderful recordings and personal memories. At least he's got
Bob Darch and many others to hang out with.

Thanks to Mary Jane for keeping us informed and keeping it together.
Thanks to his family for sharing him with us. I always enjoyed his
company when he was around.

Sadly but with happy memories, Bill Edwards