Can You Identify This Rag?
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Colin D. MacDonald
2008-01-14 23:19:59 UTC
I received an e-mail message from Alan Marchand who would like assistance
identifying a rag. Can anyone help. He can be reached at:

Here is his message:

Dear Mr. MacDonald:

I am writing in the hope of obtaining authoritative information regarding a
pre-1923 tune that we recently arranged for an online production music

The song in question is one that I heard many years ago when listening to
BBC's "The Benny Hill Show". This tune was used as background music for
several pantomime sketches that were featured in this weekly TV show from
time to time.

Some time ago, I wrote to the BBC to request information about this song,
but they never responded. Subsequently, a piano roll collector informed me
that the song is entitled "Come Back and Love Me Some More", and was written
ca. 1908 by Harry Von Tilzer. However, despite considerable online searching
via Google, I've never been able to verify this information from an
independent, authoritative source.

I have placed an mp3 file of our arrangement of this song on the following
URL in the hope that you or one of your associates might listen, recognize
the song and then perhaps lead me to an appropriate reference/source.


This has become an important issue for us, since I would like to register
our arrangement with BMI as an "arranged Public Domain tune". Registration
requires documentation of original authorship and publication.

Any assistance rendered shall be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for
your time and your help.

Alan Marchand
Backtalk Unlimited

Max Roder
2008-01-19 21:06:02 UTC
FW: Mail to Alan Marchand

Dear Mr. Marchand,

Colin D. MacDonald posted your message regarding the rag "Come Back and
Love Me Some More" in the newsgroup rec.music.ragtime, where I read it.

When listening to the mp3 file, I brought to mind that I recently heard
this piece somewhere else. I searched a little and found it in the
soundtrack of the film "The Mummy", where it is used as a background
piano music on a steam boat. You can get it here:


Unfortunately I couldn't figure out any other name than "boat piano 2".

Maybe you can obtain more information from the producing company.

Max Roder
2008-01-19 23:13:34 UTC
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FW: Mail to Alan Marchand
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